Hypnotherapy uses a trance state that allows you to focus internally and detach from your physical surroundings which increases responsiveness to suggestions that are discussed and agreed in advance. It is similar to an every day trance state that you may experience when you are doing something repetitive or that you do often for example when you drive somewhere and can't remember the journey. The benefits are that negative thoughts, habits or behaviour patterns can be altered or re-programmed. Quite often we are unaware of these patterns as they are so ingrained. For example, if you were asked to write a step by step guide to how to make a cup of tea, you would miss bits out because it is so obvious and therefore you no longer are consciously aware of them. Hypnosis can help to work on these sub-conscious, automatic patterns. It is very relaxing, as the suggestions are often made as part of a journey to a nice place eg mountains, beach, forest etc tailored specifically to what you enjoy. It can really help you to switch off and relax as well as increase confidence and positivity and let go of anything that's holding you back.